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Humetron Snoring

Nasal dilator Snoring

Humetron Snoring is a portable and user-friendly medical device designed for easy insertion into the nose to assist with breathing.

Humetron Snoring was developed to help improve and prevent conditions like snoring and sleep apnea, which can exacerbate or trigger arrhythmias, hypertension, ischemia, heart disease, left ventricular failure, lung disease, and other cardiopulmonary issues.

Medical studies indicate that heavy snoring is linked to the shortening of telomeres. Telomeres are essential cellular components that influence the aging of cells. Sleep apnea, which can lead to reduced oxygen supply to the brain, can also shorten telomeres and potentially impact lifespan.


About Snoring

Humetron Snoring expands the nasal passages, increasing the amount of oxygen intake to the heart, which can help with conditions such as sleep apnea, snoring, improved concentration (for studying), and improved cardiovascular function (during exercise).

Sleep apnea 

Sleep apnea is a condition where breathing stops during sleep, which can lead to cardiopulmonary and vascular complications due to hypoxemia. It can be a cause of severe snoring and daytime drowsiness, among other sleep disorders.

Many cases of sleep apnea begin in the nasal passages, as narrowed nasal passages can lead to these symptoms.

Improved concentration

Wearing Humetron Snoring increases oxygen flow to the brain due to improved respiratory function, which can enhance concentration. During extended periods of driving, a lack of oxygen can lead to drowsiness, but Humetron Snoring widens the nasal passages and increases oxygen intake, aiding safe driving.

Snoring prevention 

Snoring during sleep restricts the amount of oxygen reaching the brain, potentially causing sleep deprivation, fatigue, irritability, and health issues. Snoring is caused by the vibration of throat tissues but primarily by narrowed air passages during sleep.

Improve cardiorespiratory function

Breathing through the nose is natural, and using Humetron Snoring in daily life or during exercise can increase lung capacity, leading to improved cardiovascular function.

Humetron Nasal Dilator Snoring with proven test results
Effects of Far-infrared Radiation  

Far-infrared emissivity  89.3%

Far infrared rays are in the range of 3~1000 ㎛ in the wavelength range of light and have a stronger thermal effect than visible light, and the radiation energy heats up quickly through direct and instantaneous heat transfer, and has a great energy saving effect, and is widely used in dry heating, heating, thermal therapy, health products, food processing, building interior materials, household products, and biological activities of animals and plants.

Brainwave Test 

Brainwave test can detect and measure α, β, and θ waves, respectively, through sensors that detect the wavelengths flowing through the human brain. The Α wave is a brain wave that dominates when the human body is most relaxed and clear-headed, so it is called a 'stable wave', and the β wave is a 'stress wave', and it is a brain wave that dominates when the human body is mentally anxious or unwell due to physical abnormalities, and the brain power is reduced even though the behavior is agile.

The Θ wave is a brain wave that is dominant when the human body is tired and drowsy or fatigued. Electroencephalography measures the three types of brain waves of the human body in real time by connecting to a computer and displaying various information on a monitor, allowing you to determine the current state of the human body through EEG measurement.

Antibacterial function 

Model 5385-301 shows significant antimicrobial activity after 24 hours in antibacterial testing.


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